Join Us

Thousands of your friends and neighbors already know that membership here means more.

What is membership? We're glad you asked.

Many people wonder why they have to join a credit union and why they can't just open an account like they would at a bank.

The answer is in the different ways credit unions and banks are set up. Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives and have to follow rules about who can open accounts. This means that only certain groups of people can open accounts, and when you do, you become an owner of the credit union. That is why you "join," and why we'll call you a "member" and not a "customer."

If you still have questions about membership or any of our services, please call or email us, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes, You Can Join.

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"Community" is our middle name.

Our membership requirements are simple:

Do you live, work, go to school, or worship
anywhere in Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Vinton, Salem, or Botetourt?

If so, you can join.

You can also join if you are an immediate relative or household member of an existing RVCCU member.

Why Join?

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Membership means something.

Banking here means more than saving tons of money on your loans, getting rid of high-fee accounts, or enjoying great local service.

It also means that you're a part of something bigger. Because we're a non-profit cooperative, you benefit from our success, not a group of stockholders.

Let us show you how being a member beats being a customer.

How to Join

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The first step is easy.

Joining is as simple as depositing $5.00 into your RVCCU Savings (Share) Account. This is your share in the credit union, making you a member/owner.

When you open your account, we'll need to verify your identity with some form of ID and through a quick credit check. Then we'll help you set up whatever account options are right for you.

Want to join but can't make it to a branch? Use our printable Membership Application.